Thinking about having a New Orleans Second Line Parade for your Wedding?

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What is a New Orleans Second Line Parade or New Orleans Wedding Parade?


Wether you call it a New Orleans Second Line Parade or simply a New Orleans wedding parade you've found the right spot! Leave it to New Orleans and it's Laissez faire attitude to incorporate this deeply rich tradition into its wedding celebrations. 

Imagine you and your partner joyfully marching down Royal Street in the French Quarter with your custom ornate umbrellas waving in hand while an authentic New Orleans Brass Band plays that sweet New Orleans Jazz for all the quarter to hear. Doesn't this sound amazing?

A New Orleans Second Line Parade passing in front of the famous Antoine's Restaurant. By Christie for Hi Volt Studios

A New Orleans Second Line Parade passing in front of the famous Antoine's Restaurant. By Christie for Hi Volt Studios

The Kinfolk Brass Band

The Kinfolk Brass Band


If that sounds appealing to you keep reading to learn more about Second Line Parades and how you can have one at your New Orleans Wedding!

A second line parade is the quintessential New Orleans art for which as been used for any and every celebration for several decades. Want to parade before your kick-ass reception? Go ahead! Want to parade after your reception to cap off a day of celebration?  That's okay too! All we know is that over time it has become a must have for any New Orleans wedding. 


History of the New Orleans Second Line Parades

Second lines are said to have originated in black culture from traditional West African circle dances.  The dance was brought to New Orleans, where it became incorporated into processions beginning in the 19th century as jazz funerals. It was thought as way to celebrate the lives of the deceased and ward off negative spirits. 


Here's a unique look into the infamous history of The Second Line by Tulane University.

Documentary Pilot For Tulane University Program Music Rising.

Produced by BILSUM MUSIC & DIRTY SOUTHERN HOLLYWOOD in New Orleans Louisiana September 2014.

Executive Producer Bill Summers

Edited by Stefan Solea

In today New Orleans, the second-line has evolved to encompass any celebration in New Orleans, including memorials, birthdays, weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and even corporate gatherings. It is a welcome addition to any celebration. 


Parts of a New Orleans Second Line Parade

The main line or first line is the main and beginning section of the parade which comprises a Grand Marshall, the New Orleans Brass Band and the Wedding Couple.  Often outfitted with custom made umbrellas it won't be hard to miss! 

The Bride and Groom of a Second Line Parade.  Photo by Christie for Hi Volt Studios

The Bride and Groom of a Second Line Parade.  Photo by Christie for Hi Volt Studios

Second Line Band. Photo by Christie for Hi Volt Studios

Second Line Band. Photo by Christie for Hi Volt Studios



The second line follows the newly married couple and comprises all of the guest who want to join in this amazing New Orleans celebration with handkerchiefs in hand that are dancing and strutting to the lively New Orleans jazz music!



If you do plan on having a New Orleans second line parade you must obtain a permit and possibly police escorts. This part takes a little work.  We've included some helpful links to help with your Second Line planning for your wedding.

Helpful links:

New Orleans Special Events Permit Guide for more information about permitting requirements.

Find out more about the application process of having your New Orleans second line here at City of New Orleans' One Stop Shop

TIP: You'll want to begin the application process at least 2 weeks before the event date


TIP: Ask your photographers and videographers what their experience is capturing second lines. A dynamic parade with unique lighting can be difficult with those unfamiliar with capturing a second line parade. 

Our favorite vendors for those special umbrellas and handkerchiefs for your New Orleans Second Line Parade.

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New Orleans Brass Bands We Love

Kinfolk Brass Band

Founded by brothers Percy and Richard Anderson in 2005. Their style of music encompasses melds Mardi Gras Indian chants, New Orleans funk, modern jazz, and traditional brass band sounds.

The Jaywalkers

The Jaywalkers are the quintessential second line parade band, having played for many hundreds of Weddings. An optional second Lady Grand Marshall is available, too!

The Paulin' Brothers Brass Band

The traditional brass band dressed in “traditional” uniform—black pants, white shirt, black shoes, tie and band cap playing traditional New Orleans music.