Bridal Portraits Are Coming to Life

bridal portrait



Let's talk about a Bridal Portraits. You have the dress — you've picked your favorite hair and makeup artist. So why wait until your big day to see how they come together?  Think a pretty ponytail, chic messy updo, or glamorous old-Hollywood curls are more your style? Each Hi Volt Bride has her own unique style and look that we work our best to capture. Whether your style is classic or fashion-forward we can use your bridal portrait session to perfect the look. But remember, the goal is to look like yourself, just refined and finished. You want to look like YOU — your photos are going to be on display for many years. Lastly, you'll be able to perfect your wedding-day look and make any adjustments before the wedding day.


Think about the timelessness of your lookcan it transcend the test of time?

timeless bridal portrait


Take a look inside our picture perfect bridal portraits in New Orleans at the reknowned Race and Religious with Amy in her Milan based designer Eddy K's Ashlynnn statement-making gown. 

New Orleans Style bridal portraits with Hi Volt Studios





1. Your guests will absolutely adore it!

Once you pick out the perfect photo from your bridal session we can work with you to print and custom frame your photograph so it can be the focal point at the entrance of your reception.  It's your day — All eyes deserve to be on you!

In many cases that large framed print is given as a gift to the Mother of the Bride after the wedding. But don't forget about the Groom and Dad! They love smaller framed bridal prints. 

2. Shoots can happen anywhere.  

You don't have to pick the same location or even a place with the same feel of your wedding theme. It's your time and you can be a little adventurous!

3. You're going get so many more amazing photos than possible during your wedding day. 

Your wedding day will feel like a marathon and a sprint at the same time.  The best way to get those best images is to be relaxed and comfortable.  And what better way than to spend time with your photographer before the wedding. 

4. Your hemline may get a little dirty

No problem!  Any bridal boutique can do spot cleaning before the big day!